In House Service

We’re committed to keeping your equipment working at its peak performance

Pump and Valve Repair

Whether you need onsite trouble shooting or complete disassembly and repair, our skilled technicians can help.

  • Main fire pump service
  • Pressure regulator and relief valve repair
  • Plumbing repair
  • Fire pump testing and certification


Truck Maintenance and Repair

We’re dedicated to keeping your trucks up and running and on the road, ready for every emergency. Our team of mechanics and specialists provide repair and maintenance on a large variety of emergency vehicles.

  • Transfer Case service and fluid exchange
  • Packing/mechanical replacement
  • Body repairs /accident damage
  • Chassis electrical systems
  • Aerial service and repair
  • A/C repair and recharge
  • Generator repairs
  • Hydraulic repairs

Fire Apparatus Equipment Installation & Upgrades

Keep your emergency vehicles up to date and equipped for every challenge. We can upgrade your current trucks with a variety of storage and safety options so you can provide the best response possible for any emergency.

Automatic snow chains – Keep your trucks on the road in the worst winter weather conditions with chains from top manufacturers like

Shelves, Trays, Toolboards -We have innovative solutions to give you more organization and better use of your space.

Equipment Mounting – We have the hardware and expertise to help you outfit your trucks exactly how you need it.

Hosebed and Crosslay Covers – We’ll help you protect your hoses and critical gear

Emergency Lights – Upgrade your warning lights get custom emergency light towers from top manufacturers like Power Arc, Streamlight and more.

Skid units – We can outfit your wildland skid units with all the tools to battle the brush

Tank Replacements – Our team of skilled experts can repair, replace or upgrade your tanks.

Foam system installations

Breathing air trailers

Preventive Maintenance

Stay ahead of any issues and keep your apparatus in optimal operating condition to reduce down time and costs. Let Banner maintain your fleet to ensure your equipment is ready to respond when you are. We have a variety of semi-annual and annual program options for all makes and models to fit your department’s needs.

Aerial Ladder Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your ladders is crucial to the job, and can mean the difference between life or death. That’s why we offer a comprehensive E-One Aerial Maintenance program. Our experts take a sample of the aerial device’s hydraulic oil for lab work and change the hydraulic filters. Multi-point inpections of wiring, air systems, fasteners and more are performed for the hydraulic system, outriggers, and electrical controls. The aerial is extended, power-washed and lubricated, and the waterway is inspected and lubricated as well. The outriggers and turntable are operated, tested and timed, the ladder wear pads are inspected and the ladder electronics are operated and tested.

Fire Engine Mechanics

Partnership You Can Trust

Today’s complicated equipment requires highly skilled technicians to keep you safe. We service all makes and models to keep our local communities’ equipment in peak working condition.
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