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Banner Fire Equipment and Firecatt services have teamed up to offer your department on site fire hose testing. Firecatt will unload, test, and reload at your location, freeing your personnel for other tasks!


FireCatt engineered the NFPA 1962 Standard, 2008 edition for fire hose testing requirements into our Patent Pending technology. FireCatt is the first and only computer controlled hose testing company in the Country. FireCatt’s use of digital pressure transducers integrated into its system removes all subjectivity found in other hose testing methods. Our engineered mobile state-of-the-art technology controls the entire process from initial pressurization, timing for stabilization, boosting and rate of pressurization, thus creating the most accurate testing service available. The FireCatt system provides uncompromised Accuracy to ensure integrity of the hose in the field.


The Safety of Firefighters during and after testing is now achievable. We passionately believe the equipment and procedures currently being used by Fire Departments and other hose testing services continue to expose firefighters to unnecessary RISK during and after the testing process. FireCatt has done something about that! FireCatt’s system includes the ONLY remote and automated pressure release system. At the end of each test, dangerously high pressure is released through this system ELIMINATING the unnecessary practice of personnel manually releasing HIGH pressure at the end of each hose. Our computerized testing system will also sense any sudden loss of pressure such as a hose failing catastrophically and within milliseconds shut the valve which cuts off pressure and water flow. Violent catastrophic failures are in the past; “hose whip” has been eliminated, hoses simply “pop and drop” there is no need to involve personnel in shutting down valves or equipment around out of control hoses. Maximize Safety with the most Accurate system available – FireCatt.


FireCatt designed its equipment to test an entire apparatus at one time. The only accurate way to do this is using FireCatt’s technology that will test multiple hose diameters and up to 10 different hose test pressures simultaneously. This allows FireCatt to test 3,000’ per test and up to 12,000’ per day. Utilization of our bar code labels creates an Efficient system to identify hose and ensure correct test pressures in future years. Whether you use our labor or yours, the FireCatt system is the only one available to Accurately test an entire apparatus at one time, minimizing your apparatus downtime and decreasing the total cost of testing.

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